Friday, March 20, 2009

Free, Helpful Advice from Mountain Valley Advertising

Some friends of mine were asking why we’re blogging and what it’s all about. I told them that it was to start creating a buzz about our brand. And then I got to thinking that if we did ever get loyal readers, what would they get out of our little blog? So we’re going to start giving out tips about the advertising, marketing and printing industries. After all, isn’t that where our expertise lies?

Even though we are an advertising agency and want you to come to us for assistance, we realize that not everyone has the ability to pay for this kind of service and, being a small business ourselves, understand the need for free help about these industries. So without further ado:

A great way to get cheap assistance for small projects are freelancers. They do require payment but it’s not usually very expensive as most are just looking for experience and portfolio building projects. This is a great avenue for someone who is too busy to create a pamphlet, flyer or whatever else on their own. Even if it’s not exactly what you were looking for, it’s something, and you can negotiate the price. Just one piece of advice this time. Stay tuned for more in another post.

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