Monday, June 29, 2009

MVA Gives Advice About Customers

It's been awhile since anyone's been able to blog for Mountain Valley Advertising because we have had tremendous success in the past few months. We've been so busy trying to keep up with the influx of orders that have been coming in and with the new addition we're building on; a two-story addition. But we've realized we were doing something right and have learned a lot this past spring.

And what we've learned is that business is all about its customers. How to get them, how to get them to pay for your products and how to keep them. Sounds simple but that's all business really is. Getting that to happen, then, is the hard part - the part that so many people have such a hard time doing. But watch out, I'm about to give you some really helpful advice.

To get more customers, get them to your website. Ask for referrals, find new places to advertise. Getting customers is half the battle. Then you need to get them to buy more often from you. To do that, send your main customer base promotional offers that are time or quantity limited; get them to act now instead of later. Then move them from one product to the next...

The next step is to get them to spend more per each transaction. Adding value to your already existing products is a great suggestion. As well as up-selling or cross-selling other products; offer payment plans for the really expensive ones and there is always the option of increasing your fees and prices. The last step is to keep your customers. It is more expensive to attract new ones than to keep existing ones. And here's how: send out surprise bonus gifts, send holiday or birthday cards, thank people for their business, get them to give a client testimonial claiming their loyalty to you and last but not least, if you go above and beyond for them, they'll stay with you. Always.